Own thy world

A blockchain based solution to define ownership and authenticity of goods. Fully decentralized trail of your purchased products.

Verify authenticity and legality of any tangible item with one tap of your smart phone.

Follow trails of top traders and get index based suggestions.

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Tangible trust with NFC Tags that enable product verification and transfer of ownership.

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A trustless decentralized framework to enable greater visibility and transparency helping denormalize frauds.

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Social trading and the tactfulness of Indices to manage user portfolios

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Meet Own

A set of guidelines/framework to define ownership and authenticity of goods, products(electronic as well as non electronic) or in essence any tangible item

  • verify authenticity of your products
  • transfer ownership to the intended
  • check if a new/refurbished item you are buying has not been flagged as stolen
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Defeating counterfeits

Low cost NFC tags in conjuction with Own enabled smart contracts carrying product meta data will enable verification of products.

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Open and accessible solution for brand recognition

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One tap verification

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Transfer ownership to the intended

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Equitable trust structure on blockchain, not in control of a single entity.

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Fair deals only

Open source contracts ensure fair and transparent transactions in marketplace.

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Social trading enables growth of every individual as a community.

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Guarantee of genuineness. Purchase with confidence never to be exploited.

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Quick verification and transfer of ownership of goods. Open and accessible solution for brand recognition.

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Usable and useful Crypto Indices to guide your portfolio 24x7.

Token Allocation

How XBT be allocated and when to ICO
  • Token Price1 ETH = 25000 XBT
  • Total Supply1,000,000,000 XBT
  • Pre ico tier 1 - 35% Discount4 JUL 18 - 13 JUL 18
  • Tier 1 amount50,000,000 XBT
  • Pre ico tier 2 - 20% Discount14 JUL 18 - 23 JUL 18
  • Tier 2 amount100,000,000 XBT
  • Pre ico tier 3 - 10% Discount24 JUL 18 - 2 AUG 18
  • Tier 3 amount150,000,000 XBT
  • ICO3 AUG 18 - 31 AUG 18
  • ICO amount550,000,000 - Token Sold in PRE ICO

*Unsold token from ICO will be kept as reserve

Why Buy XBT

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Fast transaction time fully compatible ERC20 token. Pay for Own, Trail, Guide and many more things to come.

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Secured transactions between merchant brands and customer's sense of genuinity.

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Product verfication made easy

We accept Ethereum (ETH)



Idea inception

December 2017

Kickoff MVP development

January 2018

Beta version launch

April 2018


June 2018

Core feature development

August 2018

Public prototype release

December 2018
December 2017

Idea inception

Excited about the unending possibilities of blockchain technology, we at Exbitrade decided to get our hands dirty and come up with a flexible crypto to crypto exchange to pro actively support new and upcoming tokens/currencies.

We wanted this exchange to be fully extensible for user demands. After consulting friends, experts and a lot of other people we came up with the idea of social trade which was lacking in almost all of the popular exchanges. Social trading would allow traders to follow each other and grow as a community than a singular entity, as combined cognition is better than individual one. Thought of stock market in conjuntion with crypto trading seeded the idea of using indices, just like S&P500 or NASDAQ100.

January 2018

Kickoff MVP development

We started the development of a basic MVP to substantiate our vision. Once we had the blueprint of exchange with basic trading features, team started its development.

Counterfiet products, a major problem affecting customers' trust and brand reputation is one of the problems being solved by Own. XBT token was introduced as a multi purpose utility token. Own relies on XBT tokens for its functioning and can be used by any manufacturer to define their first ownership of a newly fabricated product.

April 2018

Beta version launch

By mid April, Exbitrade's exchange platform was ready. We started with the integration of Bitcoin, Ethereum and some of top ERC20 compliant tokens.

During this phase, to gauge initial audience interest we decided to give away 100 XBT tokens for every signup. This exercise helped us capture ~5,000 users in just 15 days with 0 budget marketing.

Along with all this, we started working on official whitepaper for crowdsale of XBT tokens for Own and other killer features of Exbitrade exchange.

June 2018


June is all about community recognition.

Crowdsale and pre token sale with predefined bonues will be held. 55% of XBT tokens are dedicated for crowdsales. With a proper marketing plan in place and guidance from professionals, we plan to raise 10,000 ETH (~$6,000,000).

Own app development starts with smart contract released on Rinkeby network till the end of crowdsale. App download link and other details to be made public.

August 2018

Core feature development

After the completion of crowd sale, setup up separate teams for handling own development and exchange social features.

Contact partners and manufacturer's to start using own's NFC tags and release a alpha version of Own

Exchange supports a fully functional trail and guide follow features, traders can now follow other traders based on the trading activities.

December 2018

Public prototype release

By the end of December, own becomes a fully functional tool to defeat counterfeit products. With it's one tap solution to solve many problems related to product's authenticity and spoofing, several smart contracts are developed.

Exhange supports new crypto currencies with exceptional impact on blockchain tech to get listed on the platform. This next generation exchange is ready to create a new revolution.

Exbitrade - Own thy world

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Exbitrade - Own thy world

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